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Best Beaches in Bocas Del Toro Bocas del Toro

Beaches caress the Caribbean, for some serious beach time, sand, waves, and long walks are loved and admired by all who visit them. Here in our opinion are Bocas’ most idyllic beach spots.
Come enjoy them and acquire your own preferences.

1.Red Frog Beach: Named for the strawberry poison dart frogs that can be spied along the surf here. And yes, they look just like strawberries. No, they’re not poisonous, at least not to humans. Red Frog Beach is set on the North end of Isla Bastimentos. There’s a pretty perfect surf break nearby and a long, mostly desolate stretch of sandy beach. The water taxis can only dock here when the water is very calm, so most days you’ll have to take a boat to the other side of the island and hike a few miles across. Then you glimpse the impossibly perfect postcard views.

2. Boca Del Drago: All the way on the other side of the main island from Bocas Town, Drago is about a 20-mile drive from town. Or a $2 bus ride that Takes about an hour and 15 minutes. The beach itself is rather narrow, but the water’s the draw here. One of the area’s only stretches of perfectly calm, clear ocean, and a prime spot for starfish sightings.

3. Playa Bluff: Another tough one to get to, this beach is a half-hour drive from Bocas Town, and that’s on some rough dirt roads that should not be attempted by anyone who suffers motion sickness. Taxi drivers will be hesitant to make the trip here, but if you can convince one to do it relatively cheap, then it’s worth it for a virtually private patch of paradise.

4. Cayos Zapatillas: Set dab smack in the middle of a preserved marine park, Cayos Zapatillas is the island’s longest stretches of beachfront and the most visited. Making it easy to see why the perfect white sand beach is home to the best snorkeling around and the possibility to spot and catch sea turtles. Especially when they come up to nest in the early to mid-spring.

5. Bahia Sand Fly: Just as it sounds this is not the ideal spot to sunbathing. Bahia Sand Fly is only a mile from town and this beach does the best job of keeping Bocas Town’s low key, island vacation vibe ongoing. Snatch a shaded spot at Isla Del Mar restaurant and sample the Comida del Dia.
Their menu selections are whatever they’re in the mood for and feel like serving. But it’s always good, and it’s always three bucks. Not Bad!

Other Great Beaches:

Carenero Beach: Canenero Island is a small island in the Bocas Del Toro archipelago, on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

Star Beach in Playa de Estrella, or near Boca del Drago beach at the northern tip of Isla Colon. It’s appropriately named, since the shallow waters are packed with brilliant orange starfish.

Playa Larga beach on the east side of Bastimentos’ geology which is similar to Isla Colon’s, that is a rugged interior, mangroves on the sheltered west side and sandy beaches including the 6 km. Playa Larga, which is part of the National Marine Park, is an important sea-turtle nesting area, attracting four species of endangered turtles from about April or May through September. You will see the sea turtles if you camp out or make a night hike from one of the island’s rentals.However, the surf at those beaches makes swimming unsafe.You can surf the beaches and reefs of Bastimentos National Marine Park but for this location, experience is a pre-requisite, and is only really suitable for advanced surfers. Three unnamed breaks produce long, hollow tubes. Two of the three waves are reef points, and sandbars at a creek mouth form the third. Currents can be strong and the waves can have faces of over 12 feet

Playa Polo Beach on Isla Bastimentos “a beautiful and deserted beach”. In the jungle one could spend all day picking avocados. Your own personal beach without anyone else in sight. Without doubt the most beautiful beach one could visit. And the snorkeling is good too.

Coral Cay Beach: Where there is snorkeling over a small patch of interesting coral or diving with micro-organisms.

Isla Pájaros (Birds Island) Beach: Here you will spot a wide variety of birds, or yet another diving or snorkeling adventure.